Wednesday, May 21, 2008

El camino a león

hello everyone,
we are already on day ten of this extensive pilgrimage! yesterday we drove to a remote village where the monks are famouns (platinum selling artists- I kid you not) for their gregorian chanting. It was a great village to spend the night, and we went for a hike to see the village from a far (about 3 kilometers). We dined in the restaurant next to the hostal. this morning we left for leon passing through several incredible little villages along the way. I made a stop for the observation of some 9th century architechture for my project over the mosarárabes (spanish christians living under muslim rule before the middle ages). tonight and tomorrow we are staying in an old monestary in the heart of León (originally a roman settlement of the 7th legion dating back to the time of Christ- spanish adjusted it to just León). From here we have a solid two weeks walk to santiago. It is shaping up to be quite a trek even halfway through. I´ve been learning plenty and been experiencing quite a range of group dynamics. More soon to come. Hasta luego.


Russell Godfrey said...

Dude we can leave comments!?! Anyways, I've enjoyed reading your posts! They make me want to go to Spain now, instead of later. Have fun and be safe man!

cojonesajones said...

I guess you heard that they arrested one of the heads of ETA in Bordeaux, France yesterday... ought to be an interesting time to be in the basque country (
Looks like you're eating well -- one of our favorite foods from the honeymoon was the 'pimientos de padron' -- I think I see them in your picture on a napkin next to the plate. You're making us hungry. ha. Sounds like a great trip, I look forward to hearing about it when you get back to Texas.