Saturday, May 31, 2008

tricastela, ponferrada pics...

villafranca view

we made it to galicia (after the mountain day)- Ocebriero
the templar castle in ponferrada
a view from the castle of the templars
the same

hey everyone,

last night we had dinner in tricastela and went to sleep early with the chorus of snores accompanying our slumber in the albergue. It was actually the nicest albergue that we have stayed in to this point. Today we walked 11 miles to sarria where we have had time to research for our projects and get ready for the rigorous interviews which are scheduled for the next day or two. The walk today was great. It was through the mountains and clouds. We passed through several small rural villages and stopped for coffee with some locals. once we got here we met our hospitalero jose from Barcelona. He is a great guy, and he also served us dinner at the bar next door. The specialty of the house is called aguardiente, and we enjoyed it tonight. We had the pleasure of meeting a celebrity at dinner tonight. Grace and I had a wager that a random British guy was in the movie Hot Fuzz, and so I asked him if he had ever heard of the movie. He reluctantly told us that he was actually in the movie! I couldn´t believe my ears. I got to meet a belgian guy yesterday named francis, and we talked about all kinds of things from politics, eco

nomics, culture, and even food. The people on the camino are the best part. I do not have too much time as the internet café is about to close its doors. I hope all is going well.

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