Thursday, May 22, 2008

León- El segundo día

we have had a day to site see and spend free time all around leon. we went to the original roman wall and we were able to see some truly incredible romanesque artwork with frescos still intact. We toured the cathedral (including a rooftop tour that was incredible). The cathedral in leon has the second most amount of medieval stained glass in all of Spain. There has been a bit of political turmoil going on (deja vú) between the basque separtist movement and the socialist ruling party. Things are going well as usual. the monastery that we are staying at is incredibly nice, and all of our food is prepared by the nuns by hand! they even make their own bread! This has definitely been the best place that we have stayed on the camino. the weather in spain is incredibly bipolar. One moment we enjoy a warm sunny day and the next we drop into a chilly rain remenescant of late january and early february in college station. If anyone needs a nice medium sized town to live in I can definitely recommend a few in northern spain that I wouldn´t hesitate moving to. We have been all around león today, and tomorrow we start the second half of the camino all on foot (we drove in some areas to Leon in an effort to see some out of the way things). I´m looking forward to getting back on the road again, but it has definitely been nice to get some rest in the monastery. The sheer amount of history in this city alone is enough to fill libraries. Today we also visited the roman wall that served the seventh legion of the roman army (hence the name legión in castellano) are some more photo updates...

our group in burgos with our guide carlota
los hombres- burgos lunch
what can I say, they know how to eat well in Spain!
a medieval tunnel between a hospital and church- eerie (bones included)
the cathedral in leon

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